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Promotion encompasses a wide range of activities. Some will be appropriate for your business and your markets, some will not. Work with your marketing communications/public relations professional to determine what activities will be best for your product or service..


Promotions-Part 1 list of activities:


Paid Advertising

·       Radio

·       Television

·       Internet

·       Print:

- Newspapers

- Magazines

- “Shoppers” (free or classified ad magazines)

- Local/community telephone directories

- Special directories (regional, seasonal, chambers of commerce)

- Trade or industry directories

·       Cooperative or “co-op” ad support from your vendors

·       Transportations advertisements (subways, trams, busses, taxis)

·       Billboards


Direct Mail

·       Letters

·       Newsletters

·       Sales or product/service announcements

·       Flyers

·       Postcards

·       “Special customer” offers

·       Brochures

·       Postcards

·       Direct Mail/Direct Response (DM/DR)

·       Internet letters

·       Bill stuffers

·       Coupons


 Promotions-Part 2 will explore even more ways for you to communicate in the marketplace.



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