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Re-using flipcharts ease presentation worries
(or DOWN with PowerPoint presentations)

Many of us enjoy the ART of making flipcharts for presentations (versus PowerPoint presentations which rely on technology and encourage presenters to READ the information to the audience!) and make new ones every time. Howwever, if your schedule does not allow for that luxury, here are some tips for re-using flipchart pages.

Create a series flipchart borders you can use again and again. Then use 3-M (trademark) paper, which is small than other brands and has an adhesive strip on the back of each page. Post new messages within the borders.

Laminate your flipchart pages or borders. Then use waterbased markers to write on them at each presentation. A swipe with a wet cloth and you're ready for your next presentation! Your local photocopying center can laminate the flipchart pages/borders for you if you don't have a laminator at your disposal.

Store your flipchart pages properly! Invest in a plastic storage tube with a carrying strap for ease of transport. These storage containers are available in many sizes and can be found at artists' supplies stores or sporting goods stores (look or fishing poles!). Remove most of the cardboard backing and roll your flipchart pages up. Cut the cardboard backing off just below the strip at the top which will help keep your pages together.

Invest in a roll of pape tape or a can of spray adhesive mount. Available in office supplies stores, these items allow you to attach drawings, photos, or anything else to your flipchart pages - and then pull them right off again without damaging your pages. You can use this tape or spray adhesive to affix patches to flipchart pages when you make a mistake. No more starting over again!

Happy Flipcharting!

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